Managing Staffer’s Wellbeing During COVID-19

Managing staffer’s wellbeing during COVID-19 is integral to the health of your faculty, customers, and business. The COVID-19 pandemic is a new experience for all of us. Most of us have never experienced a pandemic so widespread and difficult to comprehend. Something to consider though is that we all are experiencing this together. Pharmacists, nurses, and others on the front-lines of this crisis are seeing the debilitating effects this virus can have first-hand. This first-hand experience can take a toll on even the most seasoned healthcare worker. Below you’ll find a few tips and guidelines to promote wellbeing and mental health awareness amongst your staff.

Listen and Learn

Managing staffer’s wellbeing during COVID-19 starts with listening to your faculty. Ask questions, be receptive, and learn from what your staff has to say. Reassure your staff that you’re here to lend an ear and offer your support. Remember that hearing is different from listening. Listen, truly understand what your staff is trying to communicate, and learn from what they are expressing.

Promote Community

Managing staffer’s wellbeing during COVID-19 is difficult especially because community and social relationships are essential to our wellbeing as humans. Social distancing can take a huge mental toll and even create a condition called ‘skin hunger’ if we’re deprived for too long. Finding ways for your staff to chat or do activities that don’t pertain to work can do wonders for the soul and improve office relationships. Starting a book club or virtual movie night could help your staff learn new things about their team-members and promote healthy relationships.

Encourage Physical Activity

It can be easy to get into the rhythm of work, sleep, eat, repeat. With many gyms, parks, and fitness facilities closed it’s difficult to focus on physical fitness – especially with the existential dread of a global pandemic. Without being too overbearing, try to encourage physical activity. This can be as simple as connecting with a local physical trainer to host virtual classes for your staff or starting a friendly workplace competition. Do be mindful of accessibility and the differences between each body. Check out this Exercise Fact Sheet provided by Pharmacist Support.

Don’t Forget About You

If you’re in a leadership position it can be easy to neglect your thoughts and emotions when you’re managing a team. Do remember you’re a human too! Perform regular check-ins with yourself – take a moment to be mindful, active, and yes, treat yourself sometimes. Your staff will look to you for guidance and security. The saying, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” rings truer if the weakest link is in a leadership position. Remember, we’re all in this together. If you need assistance, reach out to the Pharmacist Support group.