Reversible cap vials offer easy functionality for pharmacies
No matter whether you are shopping for home supply or pharmacy use, few containers offer the versatility of reversible cap vials. These innovative medical containers are really two products for the price of one thanks to the clever flip-able cap which, when placed in one direction, functions as a child resistant push down top, and when turned over can be used as a conventional screw top. This dual purpose style container is perfect for busy pharmacies and medical dispensaries that prefer easy to open containers while filling and dispensing products behind the counter, yet need to offer their customers a secure method of storing their medications. Customers suffering from pain or joint problems in their hands and who have trouble opening child resistant push and turn style containers will also appreciate having the simple screw top option. When easy access is no longer needed, simply flip the cap to keep curious fingers at bay. Reversible cap vials offer all of the benefits typically expected of a medical grade container, including a tight fitting seal regardless of which closure method you choose. You can count on reversible cap vials to keep your medications fresh and odours locked inside, making it a popular choice for storing prescriptions, cannabis products and more. With a variety of colours and sizes to choose from, reversible cap vials make it easy to colour code medications or create an attractive display in a dispensary. Both opaque and clear colour options are available depending on whether it is more convenient to see a container’s contents or shield it from light. If you are a pharmacy or marijuana supplier and are unsure which lid closure system works best for your customers, reversible cap bottles can provide the best of both worlds: Easy access AND security.